Holiday Ideas

Not sure where you'd like to spend your Holiday?

Don't fret, we've listed some great locations for your conveinence!


Mount Kosciusko


Mount Kosiousko is Australias centeral snow resort located in Southern New South Wales. Snow fun in winter at ski resorts of Persiher Blue, Smiggins Hole, Thredbo and Jindabyne the gateway to the snow - in summer peaceful adventures in the Snowy Mountains National Park and Mount Kosciusko.




Uluru is the icon of Australian tourism, located right at the heart of Australia; this significant landmark is rich with Australian history. See the majestic sights around Alice Springs and the centre of Australia.


New Zealand


Just south-east of the Australian continent, the 2 islands that make New Zealand provide a fantastic holiday experience. Visit the snow fields, many historic towns or learn more about the native Islander culture. New Zealand also played host to Peter Jackson and his crew for the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and many of the original set peices are still there today.


Port Stephens & Dolphin Watching


Enjoy the coastal holiday resort area with wonderful water views and coastal walks, fishing, beaches, local amusements and the option of dolphin watching cruises.


Jenolan Caves


The mystery and majesty of the under ground world created by nature - Jenolan Caves is the best place to experience this. (Note: Only suitable for ambulant travellers as there are a lot of steps along the walkways in the caves system.)


Dubbo Zoo & Wild Life Experience


A unique zoo like no other. Travel around the zoo in a safari cart visiting the wilds of Africa, North America, Europe and Australia and see the animals in more natural settings. The best zoo experience yet - a safarri without the cost of overseas airfares.